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Pacifiers - Advantage & Disadvantage


                    As a parent ,your baby’s comfort is your highest priority.Pacifiers   are one such soother for babies.It helps parents to calm down their  cranky babies.Almost all babies have sucking reflex.Some babies even suck their fingers before they are born.Sucking not only helps them to get nutrition but also has a soothing  and calming effect.Therefore many parents prefer pacifiers as a great tool for calming babies.
               The important point to remember is that a pacifier isn’t an alternative for feeding,but if the baby is irritated even after having feed you can use pacifiers.It is essential to introduce pacifiers at the right age and ensure that the baby given up the habit eventually.If you are breast feeding you have to wait for 3 to 4 weeks to introduce pacifiers or until you have reached an effective nursing routine.
              Like any other objects ,pacifiers also have advantages and disadvantages.It depends upon the way and method introduced.


             -It soothes a cranky baby
             -It offers temporary distraction
             -It helps your baby to fall asleep
             -It helps to lower sudden death infant syndrome
             -It is disposable-when we want to stop pacifiers ,we can throw it away easily,but if a baby have a habit of sucking fingers or thumb it wil be difficult to get rid of the habit


             -Early use may interfere breast feeding
                        Breast feeding and sucking are different actions,which may bring nipple confusion.It will interrupt successful breast feeding.
              -It can impact dental and oral cavity health
                          Long term use can affect baby’s dental health.Those who use pacifiers after 4 years have misalignment of tooth.
              -Risk of ear infection
                          Unclean pacifiers can cause ear infection.Studies have shown that ear infection is high in babies who  use pacifiers compared to those who don’t.
               -Your baby may get addicted to pacifiers.

      Tips for using pacifiers

              If your baby refuses to use pacifiers ,try for next day or few days later.If baby still refuses don’t force.Pacifiers are useful but not compulsory.
             Also never use flavoured,sweetened,and scented pacifiers.These pacifiers may cause dental issues and oral infections.Always keep it safe and clean.Also don’t use broken pacifiers ,which may cause choking.
             Never give pacifiers immediately after giving medicines
            Don’t make your own pacifiers with nipples or any other materials.

When to stop?

             As your baby become older ,it will become difficult to stop the habit.Start to wean baby after 6 months older.If you want to give up the habit slowly ,limit the use of pacifiers to sleep time or nap time only.But don’t go for pacifiers after 2 years of age.
           Pacifiers are the best solution when your baby fussiness becomes uncontrollable.When used correctly pacifiers make an excellent parenting tool that helps you to save many sleepless nights.

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