Saturday, September 8, 2018

Newborn baby Breathing.

Breathing of a newborn

Newborn breathing can have different sounds and patterns.They tend to have
irregular breathing patterns which will make parents panic.If you become familiar with these sounds
it will help you to understand normal and abnormal sounds.They can breathe fast,take long pause
between breaths.

Understand newborn breathing

To understand baby’s breathing spend some time with your baby,whether awake or
asleep.Breathing sound and pattern vary depeding on what baby is doing
Babies are natutal nose breathers and not mouth breathers.This is what, which helps
them to breathe and eat at the same time.They breathe exclusively through nose about 6 months
and by one year they will breathe more through mouth.
While adults breathe between 15-20 times per minute new born have to take
more.They must breathe more often as they have smaller lungs.Generally a newborn breathe about
30-60 times per minute.This can slow down to 20 times per minute while they are sleeping.By about
6 months it will be 20-40 per minute.New born can take rapid breathe as well as they can pause for
upto 10 seconds ,which will be alarming for parents.
Breathing sounds

  • Gurgling-it might be due to saliva pooling at back of mouth
  • Whistling-as the nasal passage of newborn is small you can hear whistling sound.This might be due to blockage in the nostril which will become cleared when suction is done
  • Barking cough with hoarse cry-this may be from windpipe blockage
  • Wheezing-can be a sign of blockage or narrowing of lower airways.Blockage might be because of asthma or pneumonia
  • Fast breathe-it can be due to fever or other infections.
  • Snoring-due to mucous in nostrils
  • Hiccups

When to consult a doctor breath sounds

  • A persistent cough or wheezing including barking cough
  • A high temperature or fever
  • Distinct flaring of nose which indicates increased effort to breathe
  • If baby pause breathing foe more than 10 seconds
  • When baby begins to turn blue

Most of the noisy breathing is not a sign of any serious issues.Baby will stop
these sounds by the time they reach 1 year.But be cautious ,don’t neglect all
the abnormal sounds.

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