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New Born baby Sleeping Pattern

Sleep of babies

            It is often hard for new parents to know how long and how often newborn should sleep.But there is no schedule at first.Many newborns sleep much of the day and night waking only for feedings.
             Typically newborns sleep up to 16 to 18 hrs a day.Most babies don’t sleep throughout night up to 3 months of age.They wake up in 2-4 hrs of sleep during the first few weeks.
             After 3 months most babies begin to sleep for shorter period during the day and longer period at night,though they wake up in night to feed.
              Between 4 and 6 months most babies sleep 8 to 12 hrs throughout night

Baby sleep tips up to 3 months

              As said earlier sleep can be tough in first few weeks.But with the below tips we can make schedule for sleep

  • Take a nap 

                        Get a nap for your baby in every 2 hrs,otherwise baby may have trouble in falling sleep if you wait longer .

  • Distinguish between day and night 
  •   During day   
  •  Keep interacting with baby
  •  Don’t worry about the normal noises during day time
  • During night
  •  Keep lights dim
  •  Keep the noise levels down
  •  Don’t play with baby when he wakes up during night
  Understand signs of sleep

  •   Rubbing eyes
  •  Yawning
  •  Fussy
These signs helps us to understand the baby is tired and it is the time for nap.
                    Swaddling helps baby from being disturbed by her own reflex and thus it calms baby.It also gives the baby a sense of security.

How can you help your baby fall asleep?

      Establishing a routine at bed time is a good idea.However it is merely impossible in the first 3 months. But after 3 months we can plan a schedule.
     By about  3 months put your baby to bed  when he feels tired but awake.It will help baby to learn how to fall asleep without you,also without rocking or nursing.Otherwise he will need the same attention when he wake up in the middle of night.

Sleeping position

Putting baby to sleep on his/her back is the safest position.

         A well rested baby is a happy baby.
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